You want to join Underground Jeeps?

The best way to get started is to attend a Public Run with the club. If there are no public runs posted in our forum, PM or Email our President/Trails Director Denny Renaldi (Orangeamc13). Chances are we have a club run coming up and we are always willing to take someone along, assuming there is room.

Underground Jeeps is now accepting new members for the 2016 wheelin' season. Our dues are just $35 for the year, and if you are one of the first 20 members to get a free t-shirt!

Membership includes perks such as access to "Paid Members Chat Section" of our forum, members trail runs, members Meet & Greets, X-mas Party, annual Camp UJ (Fall & Spring Edition), free t-shirt (first 20 members). Joining UJ also means membership to the NEA4WDC and the access to their numerous private properties and trails around Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our club hosts between 12-24 trail rides per year, social events, community activities, and club sanctioned affairs. Sign up on our forum for more information. Underground Jeeps 2016 applications

This is a list of Mandatory Equipment needed in your rig!

This list is by no means complete, but these are the MINIMUM requirements needed to ride with us!

Front & Rear Recovery Points That Are Properly Frame Mounted In One Manner Or Another (Tow Hooks, D-rings, etc.)
Tow Strap Without Metal Hooks (No Chains!)
First Aid Kit (Basic Will Do, But More Is Always Better)
Fire Extinguisher
Spare Tire (Must Be Able To Get You Off The Trail And Back To Trailhead)
Suitable Jack For Your Vehicle (Hi-Lift Jack Recommended)
Minimal Supply Of Tools For Your Vehicle
Seat Belts (These Need To Be Worn!)
Signed insurance waiver (Page 2 of the application)


While these Items are not required we strongly recommend bringing along:

Tools (Sockets, Wrenches, Torx bits, BFH)
CB Radio
Food (most of our runs are a full day)
Spare Parts (U-joints, Axle Shafts, maybe a spare tie rod)
Change of clothing
Spare fluids

If you have talked to a member already and they have told you to fill out an application, here it is. Once your application is filled out and submitted, you will shortly hear from a member of the Board of Directors informing you if your application has been accepted. All membership decisions default back to the Board of Directors.

Underground Jeeps Inc does not discriminate due to age, race, creed, or sex.